Sharon E. Best Law & Escrow, PLLC is a West Seattle law office dedicated to providing high quality personal service to every client. 

Sharon E. Best has been in private practice in West Seattle since 1990. Operating as a sole practitioner and hiring several associates over the years, the business has long been known as “Sharon E. Best & Associates.” Heather S. de Vrieze joined the practice in 1998 and in 2008 became a partner with a new firm name  “Best & de Vrieze, PLLC.”  Now that Heather has started her own firm “ de Vrieze Carney, PLLC” Sharon is again in practice as a sole practitioner handling exclusively escrow and real estate law matters.  Sharon E. Best Law and Escrow is located in “The White House” at 3909 California Avenue in West Seattle.


Sharon has handled real estate escrow closings for most of her more than 20 years of private law practice in West Seattle.  Assisting buyers and sellers through this process is something that she has always enjoyed.



Sharon will continue to offer real estate legal services as they relate to escrow.


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